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RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info offers a variety of tours, event admissions and services (“products”) available on its web site (RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info) and through partnering sites.

Our terms and conditions contain legal obligations, we ask that you read them carefully.  They are the basis on which RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info accepts reservations.

Unless indicated otherwise, all purchases performed through the RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info web site or any RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info affiliated site are subject to these terms and conditions; for all reservations, it will be considered that the person making that reservation has accepted these conditions on behalf of persons who appear on the reservation.

These terms cannot be modified except in writing and with authorization from RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.


  • By using a RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info code.com or any web site affiliated to RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info code.com you are accepting this agreement and its conditions.
  • If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, we ask that you not visit or use RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or any of its affiliated web sites.
  • RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info may change these terms and conditions at any time by publishing such changes on the Internet.  We suggest that you review these terms and conditions periodically to ensure that you are aware of all the changes made by RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.  The continued use of RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or one of its affiliated web sites following publication of such changes means that you accept and agree with said terms as they have been updated or modified.
  • You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, publish, disseminate, broadcast, make publicly available or use the content of RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info (including any text, images, URL, price information, etc.) in any other way than for your personal noncommercial use.  Any other use of RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info content requires prior written consent from RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • You are accepting to use RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info and the web sites affiliated to RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info only for legal purposes that do not violate the rights of any other person nor restrict or obstruct the use and enjoyment of RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • Use of RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or of any affiliated web sites shall be strictly personal and noncommercial, or for the purpose of making requests and reservations for available products or services.  You agree to use this site only for the purposes described and without committing fraud.  Furthermore, you agree not to use robots or any other automated means of accessing this site, unless expressly authorized by RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • You represent and warrant that a) RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info has not ejected you or prohibited your access to the site; b) you do not have more than one RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info account at the same time, and d) you are fully legally able to accept these terms and conditions of service.
  • When you accept these conditions we will grant you permission to use the site in accordance with the indicated restrictions.  When you enter or use the site you may find content that you consider offensive, indecent, incorrect, censurable or inappropriate, therefore you enter and use the site at your own risk.



  • You must create an account and provide certain personal information in order to make a reservation or purchase using the Site.  Furthermore, you will be responsible for protecting your account password and for all activities carried out in relation to your account.  You are responsible for notifying us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.
  • Your account is strictly personal and for noncommercial use.  You may not impersonate someone else, create an account for another person other than yourself, provide an e-mail address that is not yours or create several accounts.
  • We reserve the right to close your account at any time with or without reason.



  • You may contribute to the Site in several ways including revisions, videos, images, completing your public profile and evaluating the contributions of other users (your “Content”).  All such contributions will remain subject to RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info criteria.
  • We may use your Content in different ways, either on the web site, changing its format, adding it to advertisements and other work, creating projects based on it, promote and distribute and allow third parties to promote and distribute such on their own web sites and media platforms (“Other Media”).  Therefore, you grant RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info irrevocable permission to use your Content for any legal purpose.  You also irrevocably grants all users of the Site and of Other Media the same rights to access your Content in relation to their use of the Site and of Other Media.  Finally, you irrevocably waive all claims or assertion of moral damage or attributions with respect to your Content.
  • You are solely responsible for your Content and therefore assume all the risks related thereto, and state that you hold or have the necessary permissions to use your Content and to authorize its use as described in this document.  You may not suggest that your Content is supported or approved by RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • You may be held liable for the violation of any third party rights contained in your Content.
  • RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info may occasionally remove or return user Content at our discretion.  We are under no obligation to preserve or provide copies of your Content or guarantee its confidentiality.
  • RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info and its affiliates may include advertising or other information linked to your Content or included therein, on the Site or in Other Media. You will not be entitled to any compensation whatsoever for such advertising. The disposition, form and extent of said advertising are subject to change without notice.



  • All products, tours and services offered by RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info are valid on the dates shown on RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or on any other affiliated web site. RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info is not liable for any information it has not provided directly.
  • All cancellation requests must be addressed to the RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info Client Care Team no less than eight days before the service date and will be subject to a 10% charge.
  • Any cancellation requested between seven and four days before the service date will be subject to a 50% charge.
  • There is no refund on cancellations requested three or less days before the service date.
  • Cancellations may only be requested by the person who made the reservation by contacting the RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info cancellation department directly by e-mail at rivieramayagolf@gmail.com All such requests must be accompanied by the reservation code, reason for cancellation, and sent from the same e-mail address registered with RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.  We do not accept cancellations from third parties, travel agencies or hotel guest services.  This policy is meant to protect you against any malicious cancellation.
  • If an activity is canceled due to weather conditions or for reasons outside your control or that of the promoter, both you and the promoter may reschedule, and if that is not possible, you will receive a refund less 5% handling fee.
  • If you are late arriving at your service appointment the promoter may consider rescheduling the activity for another day but will be under no obligation to do so, however, the price of the activity is not refundable. RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info is not responsible for rescheduling an activity under the aforementioned circumstances, in the understanding that you are responsible for contacting the promoter directly and reaching an agreement.
  • Admission to a special event, play or show cannot be changed or modified. The sale of all tickets to such events is final.
  • All other requests for date changes and modifications will depend on the availability of our suppliers. RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info cannot guarantee any change of date.  Such changes or modifications must be requested no less than three days prior to the service date.
  • There are no refunds on tours, activities or packages that start during a special event period including, commercial exhibitions, holidays or national holidays, school vacations, New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holy Week, Ramadan.
  • There is no refund on any purchase announced as “Nonrefundable”.
  • If you make any purchase using a promotional code provided by RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or if you accept a discount or special offer during the RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info payment process, it is possible that your discount or special promotion will be canceled in the event that you change or modify your itinerary once the purchase is complete. RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info is under no obligation but may, at its own discretion, honor your discount or special offer if you wish to change or modify of your itinerary once the sale is completed. RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info reserves the right to cancel your discount or special offer if you make changes to a confirmed itinerary.
  • Occasionally our suppliers will change tour dates, prices, features, coverage, age requirements etc. Consequently RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any service, tour, admission or product reserved through RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or any of its affiliated web sites, at any time and for any reason.Under such circumstances, if you are not satisfied with the alternative being offered, you will be entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price.



  • All prices shown on RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info and its affiliated web sites are per person unless specified otherwise. Prices are subject to change without notice until a reservation is confirmed.
  • Credit card payments may be subject to a small variation on your statement caused by the exchange rate used by the processing bank.
  • Reservations will be considered confirmed only when they are fully paid using any of the accepted methods. Credit card charges will be billed as Aventuras Unicas S.A. de C.V. on your statement.
  • Tour and event prices include or may not include all taxes, this will be specified in our web site RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • Processing charges or commissions for paying with credit cards or any other manner will be specified in our web site RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • Prices do not include tips to tour directors, conductors, local guides, or passport and visa fees; personal and baggage insurance; articles for personal use as well as food and beverages not described in the “Features” section of the RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info product pages or those of their affiliated web sites.



  • Payments for all services purchased through this site will be processed by Aventuras Unicas S.A. de C.V.



  • Registered RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info users are eligible for limited discounts and promotions.
  • Special discounts or promotions for members are confirmed instantly upon reservation.
  • There will be a 100% charge on any changes or cancellation of members only on special discounts and promotions.



  • The Reservation coupon and picture ID of the person who made the reservation must be shown when claiming the service.  If the person who made the reservation is unable to participate in the activity they must provide a copy of their picture ID to the other persons who will, otherwise the service will not be given.
  • Please keep in mind that your reservation may be canceled without refund if the name, identification or coupon do not match those appearing on the reservation.



  • Under no circumstances may RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info, its staff, agents, affiliates, suppliers and/or distributors be held liable for the following damage or injury (including foreseen, foreseeable, known or any other type of loss): (a) loss of information; (b) unrealized profit or loss of income; (c) loss of business; (d) third-party injury; or (g) any direct, consequential, special or punitive damage arising from the use of RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info, independently of any legal action taken.
  • By confirming a hotel, tour, transportation, event, or any other service reservation related to the client’s itinerary reservation, RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info and its agents do not assume any liability for any injury, damages, losses, accidents, delays or irregularities, obligations or expenses caused to any person or property by your actions or omissions or those of the person or persons who make a reservation through RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or whose names appear on the reservation as participants in the activity, nor for the actions or omissions of any hotel, transportation or other company or person providing the services included in the tours or any other activity booked through RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info.
  • Furthermore, RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info and its agents and suppliers assume no liability for any disease, theft, labor conflict, mechanical breakdown, government restrictions, acts of war and/or terrorism, weather conditions, defective vehicles or any accident, unforeseen circumstances, force majeure or other causes beyond its control.
  • RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info carefully reviews all the products and services we offer to ensure their quality.  However, RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info cannot guarantee that the operation, content or information shown on RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info or any of its affiliated web sites will not suffer interruptions or be free of any error, that any defects will be corrected or that the RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info’s own servers or the servers it uses are free of any virus or errors.
  • If any of these terms and conditions are declared illegal, void or not enforceable by any applicable State or Federal law in any jurisdiction where they are in effect, the illegal, void or not enforceable term or condition will be separated or eliminated from this document and the remaining terms and conditions will continue to be valid, binding and enforceable.



  • User promises not to initiate, assist or allow third parties to engage in any of the following: [sic]
  • Use the site to make threats, stalk, commit fraud, incite, threaten or support the stalking of another person nor interfere in any way with another user’s enjoyment of the site;
  • Use the site to send or broadcast spam, chain letters, contests, pyramid schemes, surveys or other methods for the massive distribution of messages whether they are of a commercial nature or not;
  • Use the site in any way that could create a conflict of interest, for example: doing business with reviews or with the owners of other businesses or writing or requesting reviews;
  • Use the site to promote intolerance or discrimination against protected groups;
  • Use the site to infringe the rights of a third-party, including violations related to issues of trust, copyright, trademarks, patents, business secrets, moral law, privacy, advertising or any other intellectual property or patent right;
  • Use the site to send or broadcast pornography or illegal content;
  • Use the site to request personal information from minors, stalk or threaten to harm minors;
  • Use robots, spiders, site search and capture applications or other automated devices, processes or means to enter, capture, gather or index a Site or its Content;
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, a user account, data systems or networks connected to the Site by means of pirating techniques, password extraction or other means; use the Site or any of its Content to spread any virus, worms, faults, Trojans or other destructive elements (jointly “Virus”); use devices, software or routines that interfere with the correct operation of the Site or attempt to interfere as such; perform massive traffic volume requests; use the Site to intrude on the security systems of other information networks, obtain passwords or encrypted security codes illegally; interrupt or interfere with security or cause damage to the Site or its Content in any other way; eliminate, avoid, disable, damage or interfere with the Site’s security protocols, carry out actions that obstruct or restrict use of the Site or copy the Content, or disable functions that limit use of the Site.



  • RivieraMayaGolfCourses.info may cancel or suspend your account or your ability to use the Site partially or completely at its discretion and without prior notice.
  • You may cancel the service Conditions at any time by closing your account or ceasing to use of any section of the Site. If you close your account we may continue to show any previously published Content and are under no obligation to withdraw such.